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'Is football playing
Along the river shore,
With lads to chase the leather,
Now I stand up no more?'
Ay, the ball is flying,
The lads play heart and soul ...

From: "Is my team ploughing..."
A. E. Housman (1859-1936)

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From ...eduardo (12/19/2014)
Great weekend in NYC and Yankee Stadium 2014
From ...milton (10/12/2010)
big 50th reunion scheduled for sept30-oct1 of 2011; make plans, spread the word,and get fired up
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Has-Been tales: "Into the Breach" by Milton
Morning of a home game, loafing around the frat house listening to Larko. There's time for one more story, or two, before reporting to Taylor Stadium. Maybe the one about Joe Boyle, or the Dearbot fly, or some other denizen of The Valley.
Time moves ahead - fast it seems. Soon it is time to go. We pile into Andy's yellow Plymouth, which we call "The Halftrack." *

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1961 Lehigh Engineers       Add a comment
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Stellar end, Harold Milton (80) on a rainy day in Taylor Stadium. A classic photo, signed by our fearless leader himself.

Comment from: Harold-Puss - OK, it was a rainy day at Taylor Stadium back in 1961, and we're playing Kings Point. We fake a handoff to Crasher up the middle, and they all go for him (what else would one expect?). With no one near me, DeNoia lofts a spiral in my direction. The dude on the left catches me pretty soon (what else would you expect?), but we score a few plays later. Reply
        Reply to Harold from Edward - Who were we playing, that you were soooo open? Reply
        Reply to Harold-Puss from Chaos - Expect? I'd expect mad dash to the end-zone, with nothing but mud splattered on the pursuers in your wake. Reply
        Reply to Ed from Blade - After further review... ... I now suspect that was the rainy '61 game in Piscataway, where 80 did haul in a bomb. The '62 yearbook shows Doyle handing off to Crasher with the teams dressed as shown. The '63 yearbook has a shot of us playing Rutgers at home in the identical uniforms, but on a sunny day. I don't believe any other opponent had similar striped shoulders and dark helmets with numbers on the side. Instead of hiring a detective to figure this out, perhaps we should seek confirmation by going to Zak's video tape. Reply
        Reply to Blade from milton - this is a 40-plus yard completion from denoia (not wally --- he couldn't throw it that far) vs kings point in 1961; somewhere up among those umbrellas are my parents Reply
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