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'Is football playing
Along the river shore,
With lads to chase the leather,
Now I stand up no more?'
Ay, the ball is flying,
The lads play heart and soul ...

From: "Is my team ploughing..."
A. E. Housman (1859-1936)

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From ...eduardo (12/19/2014)
Great weekend in NYC and Yankee Stadium 2014
From ...milton (10/12/2010)
big 50th reunion scheduled for sept30-oct1 of 2011; make plans, spread the word,and get fired up
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Has-Been tales: "Into the Breach" by Milton
Morning of a home game, loafing around the frat house listening to Larko. There's time for one more story, or two, before reporting to Taylor Stadium. Maybe the one about Joe Boyle, or the Dearbot fly, or some other denizen of The Valley.
Time moves ahead - fast it seems. Soon it is time to go. We pile into Andy's yellow Plymouth, which we call "The Halftrack." *

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1961 Lehigh Engineers       Add a comment

Doubtless I am prejudice, but I belive that Taylor Stadium was the finest football and baseball field in our world - i.e. east coast collegiate sports. Much of the credit, of course, go to Tony Packer who functioned primarily as baseball and basketball coach, but also tirelessly and most compentently as groomer of the Stadium fields. Many an early afternoon would find Tony on the tractor, only to quickly hop off to pitch batting practice before a home game. - we loved those curve balls which he signaled with a wave of the wrist. The proximately of the seats to the playing area, the steep rise of the stands, the on campus, in town, loaction so that everyone walked to the Stadium.

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