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'Is football playing
Along the river shore,
With lads to chase the leather,
Now I stand up no more?'
Ay, the ball is flying,
The lads play heart and soul ...

From: "Is my team ploughing..."
A. E. Housman (1859-1936)

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From ...eduardo (12/19/2014)
Great weekend in NYC and Yankee Stadium 2014
From ...milton (10/12/2010)
big 50th reunion scheduled for sept30-oct1 of 2011; make plans, spread the word,and get fired up
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Has-Been tales: "Into the Breach" by Milton
Morning of a home game, loafing around the frat house listening to Larko. There's time for one more story, or two, before reporting to Taylor Stadium. Maybe the one about Joe Boyle, or the Dearbot fly, or some other denizen of The Valley.
Time moves ahead - fast it seems. Soon it is time to go. We pile into Andy's yellow Plymouth, which we call "The Halftrack." *

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1961 Lehigh Engineers       Add a comment
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Team photo of the 1961 Lehigh University football team.

Comment from: Fred Braun - While playing the piano last night with drink in hand of course, realized that I failed to thank you for keeping the piano player liquid following the Peg/Dix party. It was nice that the hotel permitted our antics but, at the same time, to the best of my knowledge, we kept it pretty clean and didn't embarrass anyone. Then again, your recall may be more accurate than mine. In any event, thanx. Reply
        Reply to Fred Braun from Blade - No!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Piano whips have always been the epitome (one of 'em anyway, along with Wales Tales, the Ho and Taylor stadium, et alia) of the extreme joys of my Lehigh experience. While enjoying the session thoroughly, I, too, thought we comported ourselves in the Hotel B lobby with great restraint (there was a time when some Sundays we didn't). A couple of times I thought that Peg was about to plunge into "that Mexican song", but when she maintained her decorum so did we (ain't we respectable, sometimes?) Maybe next time we'll revert ...... Reply
        Reply to Blade from Fred Braun - Couldn't agree more with the quick highlight summary of the Lehigh experience. AND, somewhere along the way, we did receive a piece of paper saying that we had been educated....WOW. Whips....its origin? A Valley term? Lark? Reply
        Reply to Fred Braun from Blade - Sorry, can’t recall the origin of “whips”, although I’m kinda sure it’s a “grub worms” invention. Better ask Pat, Wally &/or Chaos. Reply
        Reply to Blade from Chaos - Blade, Brown - Like everything else “Whips” originated with Lark. I believe it was in the freshman dining hall. He spoke the words, “potato whips” as he held a teaspoon loaded with mashed potatoes, his forefinger on the tip as a cocking mechanism. Whether he ever launched it I’m uncertain (Craze and Gibson, may shed light on this). Regardless, from there the phrase made its way around the hill, Theta Delt (where Milton doubtless added it to his permanent lexicon) and the Zoo, for certain, but also into the Beta house where, it was perpetuated mostly by Rezak and Goodrich until Fritzie Hartman adopted it like a campaign slogan whenever a situation called for it – i.e. situations of extreme noise, beer sloshing or great hilarity, or a combination of all three. Fritzie thus became known as “Whips” Hartman, a point that could be confirmed by Yano. The phrase surfaced again at the infamous LU-Laf pep rally at the Hotel B, in the form of “baloney whips.” It was here that Peggy picked it up and the rest is history. As I recall Lark was quite enamored with Ms. Early on that particular evening and I got the feeling that his “baloney whip” antics were mainly for her benefit. I think she saw it as charming, as many of our antics have been labeled over the years. No? Of course all of this may be pure myth. Confirmation is required from other “original” sources. Reply
Comment from: Chaos - How many old-timer characters use their old football number in their current email address Reply
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Jock style socks, 1961

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