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'Is football playing
Along the river shore,
With lads to chase the leather,
Now I stand up no more?'
Ay, the ball is flying,
The lads play heart and soul ...

From: "Is my team ploughing..."
A. E. Housman (1859-1936)

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1960 LU Frosh Baseball       Add a comment
Click to see (5) comments below from ... Brown, Fred Braun (Brown), Pete Bennett, Ed Winchester, Bob Gifford,
I was thrilled to find this photo of the 1960 Lehigh University Freshmen baseball team. These were the days when frosh played a separate, "frosh only" schedule.
This team was coached, most superbly, by Jim Garrett, a mentor without peer, to say the least. Intense, meticulous, smart, and caring - that was our coach. We played ten games against other frosh squads (Rutgers, Lafayette, Deleware, Princeton to name a few) and won all ten.
A super talented infield - McMeans-1B, King-2B, Bennett-SS, Braun-3B and Stanton-C. Outfielders: Gifford, Pillsbury, Hnat and Barney. Most valuable, all-around, utility players, Hartman, Fawkes, and Hill; Pitchers Remig, Whittmaier, and Winchester all combined to produce our ten victories, six by one run. We played our home games at the cross-town field - Steel Field, driven (by Frankie) to our daily practice in the back of the LU groundkeeper's pick up - all 15 bodies (2/3 in the cab) crammed in for one-trip.

Comment from: Brown - That Frosh team was a unique and great group of individuals led by a coach who was one of the better motivators that I have ever worked or played for. People who weren't there wouldn't understand that a rally was a walk, two stolen bases and a squeez bunt. No wonder we won seven games by one run. Those were the days my friend. Reply
Comment from: Fred Braun (Brown) - Just a few bits and pieces of what I recall....the written pre-game schedules which included times for batting and infield practices...nothing really special other than if we got started late, Garrett would just reset his watch. Seems to me there was always at least one of his kids in a playpen behind home plate during practices at Steel Field. I also remember George McMeans taking batting practice the Saturday morning of House Party Weekend....still crocked from the previous night's activities, he took his position waiting for Garrett to throw...Garrett stepped off of the mound and asked George if he always stood ON home plate when taking batting practice. Of course, there was the incident when practice ran late and the bus delivered us to the University Center for dinner....in we marched, spikes and all. As the story goes (probably embellished over the years), Dean Leith (sp?) called Garrett the next day with an opening line of "this is Dean Leith" to which Garrett supposedly replied, "well, this is Yogi Berra, what can I do for you"? While I'll probably think of other things and will forward, the last that comes to mind was the infamous "almost war" @ Rutgers when after riding our asses all game over our cardboard like uniforms, following our win and not sure what triggered it, Garrett said, "grab a bat and let's go". Just recalled another...not worth writing about but, during batting/infield practice, someone hit a ground ball to me and I rifled a throw to first base. Unfortunately, Garrett had just bent over to pick up a ball for his next pitch ... when he stood up, he ball hit him squarely in the head. Reaction?...the usual spit from two sides of his mouth, a deep breath and on with the next pitch. I thought that I had a pretty good arm...I guess he proved me wrong. Let me know what the others submit to you. Regards Reply
        Reply to Fred Braun (Brown) from Pete Bennett - Fred and Ed:
Just a slightly different memory of the Rutgers incident.Somebody was putting all the bats into the big canvas bag after the game and Garrett made him dump them out and said "everybody get a bat" for the long walk back to the bus. Garrett had quite a "dialogue" going with a few of the Rutgers fans throughout the game.
You did have a good arm, Fred. Garrett just had a very hard head.
I also remember him telling right handed pitchers to turn their hats a quarter turn to the left when holding a man on first so the runner would think you were looking at him rather than at home plate.
Does anybody remember "shorten the stride and hammer the nail" as the secret to a good curve? "If a man offers to buy you a beer, he's your friend. If he offers to buy you whiskey, he's your enemy".
I thought the Brown and White's description of the famous Gifford one punch knockout of Muhlenburg's catcher was as good as it gets. Fred, I think you have that article.
What did JG call their coach, "You fat little horse"?
We should get George MacMeans in the email flow . He has a great memory for things like this. Pete
        Reply to Pete Bennett from Ed Winchester - Yes, I agree, but where is George? I don't have his email. Plus I like to get that old B&W article. Really would like to have our group come back with the footballers next year (2011) when we have the 50th. So for us it would be the 51st. Unbelievable. Reply
        Reply to Ed Winchester from Bob Gifford - I up for coming next year if we can get the team there. Another story about Garrett's practice schedule. It was so organized that if time ran out for the scheduled throwing warmup the balls would have to fall to the ground half way between players because it would ruin Jim's schedule otherwise. Do you remember being taken to center field and everyone dropping their pants and Garrett showing everyone how to roll their sanitary socks the "big league way". How about the way he conducted batting practice. A starter would hit until the next starting came to practice. The subs shagged balls. Reply
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Base hit for leadoff batter Glen Pillsbury
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